Leap is about transformation. We were seeing big changes and new beginnings everywhere we looked. Time to acknowledge things broken and to ask how you get by when you can’t fix everything, when the confidence and certainty have evaporated. To risk is frightening and yet sometimes it is the only choice left because to remain where you are is no longer an option. More personal than Plaques and Tangles, Leap is populated by ghosts- real and imagined. And questions. The flickering embers of a failing relationship in Riverman, ‘What use is a shivering man?’ Can you ever really outrun your past, in This is the City. How powerful are all things unseen in Scaur Bank and ‘A whine and a whistle ? How easy is it to ‘change my shape and begin again?’ in Absolute Zero. How lies can turn us into shadows in Ghost and make us wonder if we will ever be worth loving again in Glacier Blue. Sometimes, you have to freeze yourself numb to mend. Cryogenics for the heart.
What do you wear when the old clothes don’t fit?  Is it possible to metamorphize into a new thing In Last Fish in the Sea? And why are scales, feathers, armour, wings and fins so attractive?
And a cover- Huge Jimmy Webb fans, we wanted to do this with the beautiful lyric stripped bare. Being a ‘high-maintenance’ type myself, I can identify with,  ‘It might be hard, to love a girl like me’….
You’ll have to ask Dave for the reality.