…Plaques and Tangles

The album comprises nine songs, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and perspective. Plaques & Tangles takes its name from the corrupted proteins found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Lindsey has worked with people suffering from schizophrenia and these songs reflect her interest in the human psyche.
This collection doesn’t tug on a retrospective vibe – it’s our own –  we try to create atmospheric musical landscapes that are enduring without being derivative…

Lindsey writes:

“These songs have punctuated our lives like children. For a while they were separate rooms we spent time in and it was only as we threaded them together that we understood how coherent they were. They show who we have become, still full of hope, yearning, disbelief and defiance. Looking inward and outbound, they are calls to action to be bold and true to everything we love. Imagine yourself hanging in the exosphere, holding the things you love the best, no sound…”